hello lovely, radiant change-maker

My name is Tiina.

I guide heart-centred, soul-seeking women with big dreams who have become disconnected from their true selves. Incredible women, like you, who yearn to let go of whatever is holding them back. Quiet rebel hearts who want to transform a life that’s okay into one that’s extraordinary.

I believe wholeheartedly in creating a world where you are free to be who you truly are. To do what makes you come alive, and to live from a place of joy, courage and truth.

A central part of my work and life is that I believe we are all intrinsically connected. When we accept the power of oneness and our responsibility to ourselves and others, we can create a beautiful world together.

This is why I choose to work holistically, weaving together wisdom, experience and knowledge from a wide range of fascinating fields. And this means I have rich resources – and many ways – to enable you to flourish and soar.

My own journey has been beautiful, emotional, mind-blowing, and sometimes downright scary. I won’t lie, it takes courage to choose and create your own kind of wonderful. But when you do, the impact you have on yourself and the world around you will astound you. It feels like coming home.

With love,


my qualifications

Qualified Personal Performance Coach (The Coaching Academy, UK)
Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (The Coaching Academy, UK)
Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (The Marisa Peer School, UK)
Certified Mindful Tapper (Center for Energy Psychology, Sweden)
Certified Quantum Life Technique Practitioner (The Quantum Life Technique Training Academy, UK)
Psychology studies (1.5 years) (Linne University and Kristianstad University, Sweden)
BA Hons Degree in Media and Communication (East London University, UK)
Group Coaching certification – How to coach in a group (Coach of Sweden)
Certified Test User: Occupational, Personality Programme - MBTI and 16pf profiling (OPP Ltd., UK)
Certified Test User: Occupational, Ability (OPP Ltd. , UK)
ITEC Diploma in Nutrition and Diet Therapy (Morley College, London, UK)
Qualified Yoga Boxing Instructor (Butterfly Workshops, Inc., USA)
Credit Certification Your Body and How it Works in Relation to Health (Morley College, London, UK)

Before I started my business, I was working as a People Manager in a design consultancy in London.


"Tiina is kind, caring and very empathetic. She’s very intuitive, professional and she comes across as very caring and wanting to make a difference. She expertly uses RTT to uncover and heal any blocks that are in the way of people living happy, fulfilling and pain free lives."


"What I enjoyed about your coaching is that it felt very particular to me as an individual. At the start, you took the time to understand what I wanted to achieve from coaching. You also questioned how much I wanted to be challenged, which I appreciated as I needed someone to question what I say.
I would also say that you encouraged me to help myself as much as you helped me. Whether this was by sending TED talks that we discussed over emails, or by asking me to try out daily activities, all of this helped me to take control whilst feeling as though you were there to support me should I need to discuss something that I was struggling with."

Executive Assistant