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discover your own kind of wonderful

create your own kind of wonderful

One-to-one support for 10 weeks

You’re craving a change but don’t know where to start. You’ve lost your deep desires, strayed from your soul’s authentic path, and forgotten who you truly are. Does this sound like you? 

Let’s start your journey to your own kind of wonderful. Together we’ll work on knowing what you want from life, why you want it and who you need to be to get there. We’ll explore how you want to feel on a daily basis and what you need to do to feel that way. We’ll unearth your passions, desires, talents and strengths. We’ll create a vision of your ideal life and identify any beliefs that might be holding you back.

What you will get:

  • Clarity about who you truly are and what you yearn for
  • Renewed excitement for the things you love and want to do
  • Increased awareness of your amazing strengths and talents
  • Holistic tools and techniques to get you back to soulful, authentic and joyful living
  • The confidence to start turning your heartfelt dreams into a beautiful reality

Your journey includes:

  • 8 x 90-minute coaching sessions:
  1. Overview - what is working, what is not
  2. MBTI Profile
  3. Values and beliefs
  4. What do you want?
  5. How do you want to feel?
  6. Who do you want to be?
  7. Your purpose
  8. Your vision and mission
  • Your own MBTI personality profile to help you know and understand yourself better
  • Email support and creative exercises to do between sessions
  • Personalised recommendations for resources to inspire, motivate and elevate you further
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One-to-one support for 8 weeks

You know what you want, you have a vision of your dream life and an idea of how to get there. You’re on the road to creating true fulfilment in your life and you know you’re capable of much more. But you still seem to be holding yourself back. Is this you?

Let’s start digging deeper. We’ll work on eliminating your blockages and replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones. We’ll revisit your purpose and vision and make sure they’re crystal-clear. We’ll work towards you saying “no” to what you no longer need, and a big “yes” to what you truly desire.

What you will get:

  • New empowering beliefs that will catapult you towards your dream life
  • Greater clarity about who you truly are and what you yearn for
  • Deeper awareness of your amazing strengths, talents and passions
  • Better focus, increased self-worth and more time to spend on the things you love
  • An understanding of how to create and implement loving and positive boundaries
  • An ongoing self-care strategy for a healthier mind, body and soul
  • Holistic tools and techniques for a sustainable return to soulful, authentic and joyful living
  • Solid self-esteem, unstoppable self-confidence and radiant self-love

Your journey includes:

  • 6 x 90-minute coaching sessions including 1 session of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) for a deep dive and fast, life-changing results
  • Email support and creative exercises to do between sessions
  • Personalised recommendations for resources to inspire, motivate and elevate you further.

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"Tiina helps you recognise the practical and personal skills you already have and how they can be applied to different parts of your life. She helps you dig deep into yourself and begin to see how strong you really are. 
For anyone feeling worried and nervous about starting a new career, especially if you are starting your own business, I believe Tiina’s guidance is invaluable. It has certainly helped me make a big leap in my career, feeling less anxious and more exited about the future."


"The questioning style took me out of my comfort zone and Tiina helped me look at topics and areas in a fresh way. Knowing that everything we discussed and agreed was developed in such a way that it was all my words and ideas was very powerful, and crafting my own goals was challenging and yet built upon my own development.
​Most of all Tiina helped me look at things from a different viewpoint and keep reminding me of the lack of boundaries which I have, and how far it is able to fly to, and not just view my career as the only area of development in my life."

Head of Communications

"What lead me to coaching was a want to make my husbands and my working lives more equal. My challenge was to begin putting myself forward for new and challenging work, and start respecting myself as an experienced professional.
Since being coached my Tiina I feel a greater sense of confidence, but more importantly a greater willingness to put myself forward even if I run the risk of failing, or rejection, Before being coached, protecting myself from failure and rejection really held me back from achieving true success. 
I am now exploring lots of different ways to deepen my practice – all positive. I have worked hard on changing the way I introduce myself, and the kind of language I use about myself.
Tiina is compassionate and human. She is able to gently guide the sessions, while truly responding to my needs'"

Director and Writer