rapid transformational therapy (RTT)

What is RTT?

Here is a video about Rapid Transformational Therapy as told by the Founder of RTT and my Mentor and Teacher Marisa Peer.

release your own kind of wonderful session

Imagine being quietly confident and free of all self-doubt. Flourishing as a radiant, loving and authentic soul, knowing that you’re capable of soaring to unimaginable heights. Feeling comfortable with the way you look and glowing with radiance at any age. Your heart leaping with joy, as you overflow with love and abundance into the world around you.

Imagine knowing deep in your heart that you are loveable, good enough, and worth it.

Keep imagining, because together we can make it happen.

With Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), you will experience a powerful emotional release, leading to permanent and deep-rooted change.

It’s incredibly liberating.

It’s also very fast – most issues can be healed in one to five sessions.

Rapid Transformational Therapy can treat all sorts of issues. I specialise in helping women with:

  •                           Weight loss and body image issues
  •                           Relationship and sexuality issues
  •                           Money blocks and self-worth issues

RTT supports deep healing by addressing the negative beliefs and blockages you’ve been holding onto for years, maybe even from childhood.

We start by uncovering the meaning and interpretation of events in your life, working through any challenges or limiting beliefs that float to the surface.

Then we gently and lovingly tap into your subconscious mind to change them. This gives you the freedom to re-programme your thoughts with your choice of new, empowering beliefs and patterns of behaviour.

The results after even just one session are astonishing. You will feel lighter, clearer, calmer, and radiating with positive energy.

And there’s more.

When you heal your emotional and psychological pain, you will start to let go of your physical ailments too.  

Are you ready to set yourself free from pain and live the life you long for?

What you will get:

  •                           1 x  120 minute RTT session
  •                           3 x check in emails (over the course of a month)
  •                           1 x 30 minute follow phone call
  •                           Personalised recording to embed the learning and healing from the session

Email or call me for a 30 minute free consultation to explore if RTT is the right solution for you at this time.


"Before the RTT session I was feeling very low and beating myself up because I felt so out of control around food after a month-long food binge. I also had poor body image and although self-esteem has increased greatly over the years.
Following the session I am flying high. It was so beneficial. The first time I listened to the recording I just knew it was something special. It was phenomenal and I just had a feeling it was going to work - it is perfect from Tiina’s voice to the way it was personalised and it made so much sense to me. I would describe the session as a revelation – I gained lots of new insights. It was emotional but cathartic.
Tiina is a phenomenal therapist and a natural born healer.
Tiina absolutely has changed my life."

Executive Assistant

"Before the RTT session I felt blocked with money, specifically because I have only ever been able to attain a certain amount of money and then getting rid of it.
I feel so much more comfortable with money now and even find myself approaching money from an “I have enough” mindset.
I am noticing money comes to me effortlessly now! I have even felt more open generally as a person and noticed a shift in the way I am allowing new people into my life too.
Tiina gave me an absolutely flawless, professional and friendly session and she really took the time out for me. FANTASTIC! Tiina is a born natural and extremely talented. Tiina’s session had me feeling awestruck - it really is giving freedom."

High Performance Coach

You are such a GIFT! I just listened to the recording – WOW!  So rich, full & empowering. After our session yesterday, I had to take a nap.  Again, the tears flowed.  Afterwards, I knew there had been a huge shift.  This morning was truly a new day. Your voice is so calming, and your insights, the way you weaved my issues and re-framed them – you truly have a special way with this.  Thank you SO much."